Tradies Finance offers more than traditional mortgage brokers do 

  • Tim Neary | October 15, 2019
Tradies Finance offers more than traditional mortgage brokers do 

Tradies Finance is not just a traditional mortgage broker selling money, it wants to put growth structures in place for its clients, and give them a long prosperous future.

“We want to help people get into a better position financially to build more assets,” says managing director Rod Stelling.

The first port of call for Tradies Finance is trades people – pretty much as it says on the tin - but the benefits of working with the business are not exclusive to tradies. It services a wide range of clients from a wide range of industries. 


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“We're certainly not going to discriminate as to who we deal with,” says Rod, “we have clients all the way through to doctors that run hospitals.”
The business structured particularly for self-employed people, who typically have more complex lending structures than vanilla mum and dad borrowers.

“Vanilla borrowers want to buy a house and only a house for their whole life,” says Rod. 

“We'll certainly look after them, and put them in a better position, but anyone can do that. What we can do is work with people that think outside the box as well.”

Big picture

This means a lot of non-conforming low documentation lending.

“When necessary we can put short term plans in place according to cashflow movements, but the bigger picture plan around that is to have an exit strategy so that we're not just putting people into products that are going to put a noose around their neck.

“We might help them get into products that are needed right this minute but long term they need a way to really set themselves up so that they can move forward and not get stuck into some of the riskier products being marketed today.”

They should be a step in the process, not the end of the process. 

If you want to be part of a forward thinking mortgage brokerage with a long term approach to clients, get in touch with Tradies Finance today.


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