SME lender looking for open, optimistic employees 

  • Tim Neary | October 16, 2019
SME lender looking for open, optimistic employees 

Tradies Finance is hiring and in the main it’s looking for people with the ability to talk to other people. But more than this, it wants optimistic employees with good attitudes.

Managing director Rod Stelling has learned that the most successful hires are those who have an open and optimistic frame of mind, because detail and skill can be taught and shaped, but attitude is forever.  

“It’s about the mindset of wanting to learn, wanting to develop personally and wanting to look after clients,” he tells Finni.


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“Clients are people, not numbers and they want to better themselves and their family's situation.” 

To start things off Tradies Finance is looking for a broker support person, to fill a gap and compliment the brokers it already has on board. 

“The ideal hire is someone that wants to grow in the role into a supervisory position,” says Rod, “and that could mean supervising both internal and outsourced staff.”

Another thing Rod emphasises is that the rewards with a career at Tradies Finance are not only financial.  

SME specialists 

Tradies Finance focusses primarily on the SME market. The business is geared to the particular demands of self-employed people, who usually require more complex lending structures than standard borrowers. 

Unlike mum and dad borrowers, who typically want to buy a house and hold on to it, SME borrowers often require out-the-box solutions to run in tandem with the ebbs and flows of their cash flows.  

This means a lot of non-conforming low doc lending.

This side of the lending market can be precarious. Sometimes attractive short-term solutions can come with onerous conditions which end up being nooses in the long-term. 

But Tradies Finance has this covered. When necessary, explains Rod, it has the means to put short term fixes in place according to their client’s cashflow movements. But he says the bigger picture plan is always to achieve growth for them, with clear long-term exit strategies.  

“To help, Tradies Finance might need to get clients into short-term loans quickly, but the long-term play is to really set them up so that they can move forward,” says Rod.

“The short-term product should be a step in the process, not the end of the process.” 

If you are open and optimistic and want to be part of a forward-thinking mortgage brokerage with a long-term approach to clients, get in touch with Tradies Finance today.


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