Rod Stelling

Rod Stelling

Tradies Finance

Rod Stelling is the principal of Tradies Finance. He has 30+ years’ experience in the workforce in a number of varying customer service roles, with 17 years’ specific to the mortgage industry. 

Rod holds a Diploma of Finance & Mortgage Broking Management as well as a Cert III and Cert IV in Financial Services & Mortgage Broking.  

In his spare time Rod enjoys spending time with his family and caravanning. He is also pleased to support a number of local sporting clubs.

“After 14+ years of trading, we have gained a complete understanding of the ‘ups and downs’ of running your own business and the critical requirement of having cash flow, and easy access, when you and your business needs it most…!”

What Rod Stelling does at Tradies Finance

In 2012 Rod opened Tradies Finance, specialising in servicing self-employed trades people with complete financial planning, lending and investment service solutions. 

Rod started with Cascade Home Loans in 2004 as a professional mortgage broker in the Moorabbin, Bayside area in Melbourne. 

After a few years of success in general home lending, he moved to specialise in the SME sector. Here Rod worked at providing home loans for self-employed business people, while also providing financial support to their businesses for refinancing, debt consolidation and tax advice.

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