There can be a few concerns in a homebuyer’s mind when taking out a loan and their ability to continue to meet their mortgage repayments should the unexpected happen.

The good news is those concerns can be easily dealt with by ALI-authorised mortgage brokers and our Loan Protection Plan.

Clients will feel confident they're better protected because we pay them – not their lender – in time of need.

And that means a better offer from you  – as almost 4,500 mortgage brokers across Australia already understand.

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Company values and culture

ALI Group is a leading provider of loan and mortgage protection to Australian home and property buyers.

Since 2003 we've protected more than 194,000 Australians with over $53 billion in cover (current as at May 2019).

Leading the charge for ALI is our Leadership Team. With a wealth of experience between the team, browse now to find out more about them and how they've helped ALI become a leading provider of loan protection insurance. 

We have a close affiliation with the mortgage broking industry – and almost 4,500 brokers nationwide are authorised to offer our products.

Better protection for your clients means a better offer from you


ALI Group direct to home and property buyers

We now also offer our products directly to home and property buyers who may not be dealing with one of our authorised brokers.

The ALI Group difference

Unlike mortgage protection products offered by banks and non-bank lenders, our products pay the borrower or their estate directly – allowing them to choose how to use their funds.

Check out the claims experience highlighting some of the payments we’ve made in the past.

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