How this regional broker is protecting her clients

  • Staff Reporter | September 20, 2019

Banker-turned-broker Jaime Savory joins host Annie Kane to discuss how and why she left her banking career to set up Gippsland Finance Solutions in Bairnsdale, how she’s been running a high-volume regional brokerage in Victoria, and what sets her business apart.

As well as operating the regional brokerage, Jaime is also an advocate for home loan protection and was a finalist in the category of Home Loan Protection Broker of the Year award at this year’s Australian Broking Awards. So, in this episode of Elite Broker, we catch up with Jaime to find out why she thinks Australia needs to wake up to insurance, how she stays across industry changes, and her thoughts on the current environment.

She also shares:

  • Why she is working hard to protect her clients
  • How she chose her aggregator
  • How she markets her business and finds new leads


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