6 questions hiring managers never answer  

  • Tim Neary | December 06, 2019
6 questions hiring managers never answer

In spite of your thorough preparation and razor questions, savvy hiring managers will almost always avoid certain topics. Here are 6 questions hiring managers avoid like the plague. 

1. What are the team’s biggest problems?  

While you may ask a hiring manager about the biggest challenges or how the team solves problems, they are unlikely to reveal the overarching issues their team is facing, says Glassdoor.


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“It’s your job as an interviewee to listen and read between the lines,” it adds.

“Listen for red flags in how the hiring manager describes their work style, the team activities, and communication.”

2. What is the staff turnover figure? 

Even if you are bold enough to ask it’s unlikely you’ll get the answer. 

Glassdoor adds: “For one, a hiring manager may not know the answer. And secondly, depending on the industry the turnover rate may be high not because of the company culture, but simply because of the industry.”

3. Any layoffs planned? 

Glassdoor says that, hopefully, if a company is actively staffing up then they have no plans for layoffs, but occasionally these two things happen at the same time in large companies. 

4. Am I the first choice for the role? 

On occasion, says Glassdoor, a hiring manager or recruiter will inform you that another candidate dropped out, making you the runner-up candidate.

It adds: “But it’s not the norm. 

“Instead of pressing the matter, consider simply asking, ‘How many other candidates are you interviewing for the role?’ Or, ‘Is there anything that I haven’t shown or told you that would make me a stand-out candidate?’.” 

5. Is there an upcoming IPO?

While many candidates hope to join a company before it goes public, a hiring manager won’t reveal the potentially lucrative plans. 

6. How high will you go with my salary?  

For the most part, hiring managers won’t reveal the true salary range for the role or how high the company will go in terms of compensation. 

“The exception to this rule is for in-demand jobs,” says Glassdoor, adding that in-demand roles have some wiggle room.


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